10 Common Mistakes that Russian Speakers Make in English

I started teaching Russian speakers 7 years ago, and I've found them to be some of the most wonderful students! Over the years, I've picked up some common Russian speaker mistakes in English that seem to translate over from Russian into English. Do you make these mistakes? I've listed them below, and hopefully they will help you to continue improving your English!

1. I feel myself --> I feel

In English, all you have to use is "I feel". We don't need to say "myself" because we already understand that it is YOU feeling the emotions. :) Winky face

2. We are going with husband to the mall --> I am going with my husband to the mall. We are going to the


This sounds repetitive, so you can correct this in one of two ways. You can say "I am going with my husband to the mall." Or if you already mentioned that your husband asked you to go, you can say "We are going to the mall."

3. Thanks God --> Thank God

This is a small little correction, but it's also important. We say "thank God", just like we say "thank you" or "thank Olga for the gift". This is another habit that takes a little time to break, so start practicing when you're alone to get used to saying it correctly!

4. Sport --> Exercise

In English, we use the word "exercise" to talk about all kinds of activities from running to yoga to lifting weights at the gym. "Sports" for us are organized active games (with a team or solo). Most sports have a score like basketball, soccer and tennis. So, just to give you a few examples: yoga, pilates and zumba are not sports!

5. I'm agree --> I agree

In English, agree is actually a verb (to agree). So it's actually describing your action.

It take a little time to break this habit, so I would recommend practicing when you're in front of hte mirror, or when you're driving in your car so it will start to feel natural. I agree that learning English is challenging, but I promise you that it's SO worth it!

I agree ≠ I disagree

6. I'm interesting about --> I'm interested in

We have some verbs that are always followed by a specific preposition. In this case, we always say "interested in" when you are talking about something you are curious about or something that you like.

What are you interested in? Why are you interested in learning English?

7. I sit at home --> I stay at home

When you say "sit at home", I understand that you are ONLY sitting at home. (You aren't cooking or walking around or doing yoga at home. You are just sitting in a chair or on the sofa.) The best way to say this is: "I stay at home." When you say it this way, I understand that you are at home, but that you could be doing all different types of things during the day! :)

8. The Russia

For countries, we don't need to use "the" unless the name of the country is plural (like The U.S., the Phillipines, the Maldives, the Bahamas). So for most countries you can just say "I'm from Russia", "My friend is from Kazakhstan" or "I was born in Belarus."

9. Nervous --> Upset

When you say that you are "nervous", I understand that you are worried about what is going to happen. "Nervous" is the right adjective to use if you are worried about your citizenship test or a difficult conversation that you need to have with your friend tomorrow. However, if you are angry, frustrated, bothered about something, then the best word to use is "UPSET".

10. I'm waiting my friend --> I'm waiting FOR

When you are waiting, there's always a REASON! :) You wouldn't waste your time just waiting around, so we need to know why you are waiting! For this reason, you have to use "waiting for"!

Advanced Tip

11. She gonna go --> She's gonna go

If you want to be casual and use "gonna", make sure that you remember that you need the verb "be" first. I'm going to buy a coffee. She's gonna come to the beach later."

So what are you waiting for? Leave me a comment below using 2 of these expressions to start improving your English now!

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