Standing Tall

Deep down, I always know when I'm slumping—when I'm running, hiding, or not being true to myself. I think secretly we all know, whether we are willing to admit it to ourselves or not.

It's easier for me to deny, ignore and zone out with Netflix, than to admit to myself that I'm not standing tall, and then do that uncomfortable thing to be true to myself.

Standing tall is being my best self. It is being proactive. It is shining my light.

Instead of hiding or trying to fit into any box, it is extending myself, stretching my wings. Standing tall is more than self acceptance, it is embracing who I am: my potential, my talents, the best of me.

Standing tall is knowing that I have something meaningful to contribute, and taking a daily step

(even if it's a baby step) towards that.

What's helped me recently is asking myself: What would it look like if I was standing tall?

I would set aside time to write and share my writing. I would remember that what I do DOES make a difference. I would take time to do extra little things to make myself feel beautiful - like actually do my hair and put on jewelry.

I would think of what I can contribute, how I can share, help and inspire others -- and then take one small step forward.

What does standing tall look like for you?

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