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I recently read a few pages from the book Art of Traveling by Alain de Botton. He describes how we view our worlds when we are traveling versus when we are “at home” or in a routine. I started thinking about how my own perspective on life differs when I’m traveling and when I’m in a routine.To me, traveling is one of the most exciting activities because I am acutely aware of what is going on around me.

Everything is new and fresh. And I, in turn, have the opportunity to be new and fresh, maybe even a little different and daring.

I feel like I can push the limits on my fears and doubts. I try new things, take more risks, and generally get out of my comfort zone. I don’t get too stressed out if I miss my train or get lost. It’s all part of the adventure! I can’t wait to wake up every morning and see what kind of adventures and new people the day will bring my way!

When I get back home or even while I am living abroad for long periods of time, I can tend to get into a rut. I begin viewing my life as normal and boring…nothing special. Choices become calculated. No time for funny business. No chance encounters. I MAKE life predictable.

That magical feeling of traveling has somehow slipped away.

What is it about the way we live, the way we allow ourselves to be when we are traveling that is so liberating?

4 Essential Habits to Living Like You Are Traveling (No matter where in the world you find yourself!)

1. Be aware

When we travel, everything is new and our senses are on the verge of being overloaded. We are observing hairstyles, colors, buildings, and movement of people on the street. When we are in a rut, we tend to zone these things out. It all becomes a blur as we buzz along on a mission to get things done and meet our deadlines. It’s as if we are living in this unknown place, trying to catch up with a future we have planned out for ourselves.

Slow down just a little and get back to the moment. It’s the extreme dedication to living and enjoy the NOW that makes traveling so magical!

2. Appreciate what the moment brings When I’m traveling, I am on a journey. I don’t need to question why things are happening the way they are. I am having an experience! When I miss my train, or get caught in a rainstorm I think to myself, Aren’t things suppose to happen to you on a trip? Isn’t that the adventure of it all?

What if we could view our everyday lives as this type of adventure and not only accept, but appreciate the moments for exactly what they are?

3. Let go of control

When you travel, you have to accept that you cannot control everything. Your flight could be delayed, you might get lost, you will probably have to try some new food. There is something liberating about acknowledging that we are not fully in control of our lives. The Universe will bring us beautiful things if we are open and willing to let go of the way we think things should be.

4. Believe your life is interesting and exciting!! Do you believe your life is interesting? That there are opportunities for delight and adventure just around the corner? Believing your life is boring and that nothing spontaneous can happen might blind you to the chance encounters and delights that life can bring.

5. Get out of your comfort zone.

I find this harder to do when I’m at home than when I’m traveling, but it just takes more intention and dedication. You’ve got what it takes!!

I have created a Fear Buster box. I write down things I want to do, but am afraid of on little pieces of paper. And every day I pick out one “fear buster” from the box and do it! I’ve found that when I do one thing that scares me every day…it pushes back other fears and limitations I’ve placed on myself. The world expands when you do!

Climbing Sokeh’s Rock in Micronesia

So, why not live like you are traveling now, no matter where you are? Your everyday life could be way more interesting than you think!

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