You Decide Your Potential

What do you believe you are capable of?

I bet you are capable of more than you think.

I recently watched an inspiring Tony Robbins video. He said that each of us has a belief in our mind about our potential—about what we can do, what we are capable of—and that it is self-fulfilling.

If we believe that we can be successful at something, we will go at it with confidence, hope, and passion. We'll give it our best because we believe it is possible for us.

But if we go start something not believing that we can do it, we will be hesitant. We won't get our hopes up too high.

We may do a half-ass job, just to lessen the pain when we eventually fail. If we don't really believe in ourselves it's hard for others to believe in what we are doing.

We set ourselves up for failure or for mediocre success at best.

That really made me stop and think.

What do I actually believe my potential is?

Can changing what I think is possible change the result?

I realized that I haven't truly believed that my Italian trip planning business could be successful. In my mind, I haven't seen myself as being wildly successful. I haven't envisioned myself running my business with ease or great success...yet.

To be really honest, I have imagined my business struggling to get by. I have imagined myself in scarcity. I have felt like people are doing me a favor, instead of the other way around. I am always worried that I'm not good enough. And for this reason, I haven't been responding to emails in timely manner or devoting enough time to marketing my business.


What really amazes me is the idea that I can change what I believe my potential is. It's scary to actually do what I dream of. It's much safer and more comfortable to leave it in the realm of the impossible, in the dream world instead of in the possible. Because if it's possible, if I can decide what I'm capable of...then it's up to me to make it happen.

Maybe it won't be as perfect as I thought. I'll make mistakes. It will take a lot of work. I can't control what the result will be.

Being vulnerable, putting your heart and soul out there is terrifying, but it's the only way I've found to truly feel alive.

So, I decided to challenge my beliefs about my potential. Last week, I decided to believe that I truly can be a very successful Italy trip planner, as well as an inspiring travel writer.

Just for one week, I decided to believe that I was capable of anything, just to see if anything shifted.

Here's what I did this last week:

1. Looked at pictures of what I dream of

2. Did one small thing each day towards my dreams

3. Felt grateful for my business and for how the universe is working with me, for me.

My result:

I started a new Instagram marketing strategy that I had been thinking about for a while, and I've heard back from dozens of potential clients. I finally got 2 reviews I've been waiting for from past clients. I'm signed up to have a booth at an upcoming Italian festival. I feel hopeful about my businesses and the future. Oh, and I'm blogging again. ;)

What do you believe your potential is? Is your belief about your potential holding you back in any area of your life?

Try changing your belief, just for one week and see what happens.

Check out the Tony Robbins' video now!

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