About Me

-Born on the island of Guam.

-Raised in North Carolina.

-Fell in love with Italy.

-Married an incredible Brazilian. 

-Crazy about living an authethic & inspired life.

My parents gave me the travel bug when I was baby. They took me with them on their world explorations from Guam to China, US, Europe, New Zealand and more. 

I started traveling on my own at 19 when I studied abroad in Spain. I absolutely fell in love with Europe. I'm crazy about traveling by train, Italian coffee and French pasteries. I lived in Tuscany for 2 years, Micronesia for 1 year, Brazil for 1 year, and now I'm trying to pop in to visit new countries a couple times a year. 

I am a writer and an Italian trip planner at Go Italianissimo where I help beautiful people like you plan and book trips to Italy, as well as personally lead small group trips to Italy. I am so passionate about helping people experience Italy authentically.

This blog is dedicated to travel and inspiration. I believe staying motivated and positive is key to being the best version of yourself. I personally need that inspiration every single day because I want to live my life to the fullest EVERY DAY!

If you'd like to contact me: lacyedney@gmail.com




About Me

Hi! I'm Lacy Edney. Thanks for dropping by my site!

I'm an English teacher, travel + inspiration blogger, Italian trip planner. I was born on the island of Guam, grew up in North Carolina, and am in love with Italy, Brazil and discovering new places...


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